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1864 – Civil War Robbery

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Location: Main & Bank Sts., Mt. Sterling

Description: In this building is the Farmers Bank vault, which was robbed of $60,000 as “Morgan’s Raiders” were on their last raid through Kentucky. Later the night of June 8, 1864, several of Morgan’s men went to the house of J. O. Miller, cashier, and took the vault key from him. The money was never recovered. It was believed it went to Confederate cause.
(Reverse) Bank Sues – In 1866, a civil suit was filed in Anderson Co. by Farmers Bank against Lt. J. F. Witherspoon. The bank was awarded a judgment of $59,057.33 for damages. On appeal, Witherspoon found not liable. Court of Appeals said that under laws of war robbery was not unlawful. Furthermore, there was no proof Witherspoon more guilty than any other in Morgan’s command. Over.


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