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(Marker Number: 177)


Burned (Marker Number: 586) Location: Mt. Sterling, Courthouse lawn, US 60  
Description: Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. See map on reverse side. Dec. 2, 1863, CSA cavalry burned courthouse at Mt. Sterling to stop its use as a USA garrison. Clerk’s records, in rear, saved. Circuit court records destroyed.

Battle of Mt. Sterling   Location: Mt. Sterling, Courthouse lawn, US 60
Description: On March 22, 1863, about 300 Confederate cavalrymen under Colonel R. S. Cluke captured this city, taking 438 prisoners, 222 wagon loads of military stores, 500 mules, and 1000 stand of arms. Confederate losses: 8 killed, 13 wounded. Union losses: 4 killed, 10 wounded. (Subjects: Civil War | Mt. Sterling)